Unlock the Power of Your Emotions

At Anger Made Simple, we recognize that anger is not the enemy. Developed from the pioneering Emotional Intelligence theory by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Rudy Wietfeldt, our platform turns groundbreaking insights into actionable, life-improving strategies. We understand that while anger is a universal experience, it often carries a stigma -- especially among men who have been culturally conditioned to suppress their feelings. Our goal? To redefine how you interact with your anger, transforming it from a source of disruption and alienation to the tool it was designed to be -- a tool to help you appropriately achieve justice and enhance personal and interpersonal wellbeing. The time is now to break the bitter cycle of anger, rupture, guilt, broken trust, and slow repair.


Anger Is Not The Problem. Neither are You.

But your angry behavior may be causing lots of problems. This is because so many of us have never learned about our emotions, especially intense emotions, like anger.

You Are In The Right Place

This site introduces a wealth of resources to help you learn about yourself, learn about how to express your anger, and learn about how the anger of others can be tamed. There are blogs, videos, references, and a series of online courses and a community of like-minded learners, all at your fingertips. Get signed up for Dr Wietfeldt's free resources now by subscribing to our newsletter below.

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Anger is a signal. Learn to monitor this signal and to use it appropriately and well. Learn to diffuse it well in others.